About Us

Know Africa Research Consultants (Pty) Ltd.

Know Africa Research Consultants specialises in research-based advisory for those doing business in African countries.

In addition to a deep understanding of numerous African countries and their business environments, Know Africa’s consultants are experienced in the implementation of a broad range of research and analytic methodologies. As a result, we have knowledge, skills and experience needed to offer research and advice that is relevant to today’s African business settings.

Know Africa’s clients have included multinationals, Fortune 500 companies, individual investors, small and medium enterprises, academic institutions, global expert networks, and NGOs. Our work with these clients has included projects that span a broad range of sectors, including financial, mining, manufacturing, heavy industry, FMCG, philanthropic, and tourism.

When necessary, we employ the expertise of numerous research associates from various countries. These research associates are drawn from a pool of specialists, academics and business people situated across Africa and are selected according their specific expertise and regional knowledge. In doing so, Know Africa seeks to enable young Africans to undertake world-class research that will result in the creation of solutions to local challenges.

We aim to deliver exceptional research, analysis and training that offers our clients the insight necessary to make the most of their environments, or to deal with challenges they might have when doing business in African countries.

We Know Africa.

Our approach to doing business in Africa

At Know Africa Research Consultants, we believe that because the experience and requirements of doing business in African countries vary so greatly, only research-driven, tailored and client-focused solutions result in success. We, therefore, differentiate ourselves from others through our drive to ensure that all analysis and advice rendered is carefully tailored to suit our client’s business needs and is shaped to suit the specific African environment within which they operate.

In addition, we take great care to ensure that our client’s business actions are not at odds with local cultures, communities, consumers or workers. This is of particular importance when doing business in African countries, where causing offense through a lack of knowledge of local laws, practice, custom or culture can have a very negative effect on productivity and company image.